Orthodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with treating malocclusions (improper bites) and crooked teeth.

We offer orthodontic treatments to both adults and children alike. Our offer consists of traditional as well as the latest, technologically advanced, orthodontic appliances.


Removable orthodontic appliances

Removable orthodontic appliances can be put, fitted and removed by a patient. They are designed to be used by children with mixed teeth – having both deciduous (milk\baby) teeth and permanent teeth. These appliances are to be worn for several hours a day.

Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances (in general terms) consist of (mainly) the brackets attached to front surfaces of patients’ teeth, connected to one another by metal wires (cantilevers). Their attachment is permanent in such a way, that once they are installed by a dentist, they cannot be taken off by the patient himself. When the treatment ends, they are removed by a dentist.

Orthodontic treatment usually consists of these stages:

  • patient examination and taking of dental impressions in order to make a plaster cast, which will later assist in treatment as a reference model,
  • X-ray diagnosis as a part of a general diagnosis process,
  • laying down of a treatment plan,
  • inserting an orthodontic appliance
  • regular (usually monthly) control visits,
  • removing of an orthodontic appliance after the treatment is completed,
  • preservation of treatment results – the process of retention.

It remains necessary to cure all existing teeth diseases, on all of the teeth, before beginning orthodontic treatment.

It is possible to use cosmetic orthodontic appliances with porcelain brackets without affecting normal treatment procedure - in order to make an orthodontic appliance look less conspicuous (for cosmetic reasons).

During the whole orthodontic treatment process it is absolutely essential to maintain heightened oral hygiene!