Low-level laser therapy


Low-level therapeutic laser is designed for a wide range of medical uses - for example in laryngology, stomatology, physical medicine, sport medicine or rheumatology. Generated by low-level laser, invisible to bare eye, infrared radiation allows for execution of percutaneous, non-invasive and non-chemical therapeutic treatments.

In stomatology, a low-level therapeutic laser is used for, among others, recovering dental gums after teeth extractions (removals), soothing the pain or treating cold sores.


Laser biostymulacyjny – zastosowanie w stomatologii

Low-level therapeutic laser has numerous uses in stomatology. The biostimulation it is capable of providing is especially useful in:

  • speeding up of wound recovery after dental surgeries or placement of dental implants,
  • diminishing of bleeding and inflammatory reactions in the mouth,
  • soothing the pain after dental treatments.

The low-level laser therapy can also be used for treating cold sores, mouth ulcers or erosions of the oral mucosa.