Znieczulanie komputerowe

Computer-assisted anesthetizations

We offer painless, computer-assisted anesthetizations. The Wand TM is a computerized device intended for the purpose of administering anesthetic before an actual stomatologic treatment takes place – without the need for syringe injections at all! Revolutionary technological solutions make anesthetizations with this device completely painless. This effect is due to a microprocessor chip taking strict control of a rate an anesthetic is administered to a patient – anesthetic is supplied under low pressure, so that it does not irritate the affected tissues and thus does not cause any pain.

Anesthetizations made with The Wand TM are gradually and smoothly absorbed by patients’ bodies, while those made with traditional anesthetic injections tend to be made under great pressures into the affected tissues, which causes significant irritations.

The Damon System treatment

 We are one of the very few dental healthcare clinics in the market to offer the brand new Damon fixed appliance treatment.

The self-ligating Damon brackets system works on a basis of hi-tech slide mechanism, which reduces friction. It allows for faster and more gentle movement of teeth, which greatly increases comfort of orthodontic treatments experienced by patients. With the Damon System employed the length of treatment decreases in the vast majority of orthodontic patients’ cases – in comparison to treatments using traditional brackets. Most patients can be successfully treated without the need for any extractions (permanent and complete removals of teeth) whatsoever or insertion of any extra appliances. Another great advantage of the Damon System is the lack of traditional ligatures – allowing for easier cleaning of fixed appliances and easier overall mouth hygiene maintenance throughout the orthodontic treatment.


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Cyfrowe RVG

Digital RVG

The modern Digital Radiovisiography (RVG) apparatus that we employ enables us to reduce radiation intake with patients by up to 90%! As an added benefit, it provides an X-ray image immediately after it has been taken. It is an advanced alternative method to the dated traditional analog radiography.

All X-ray images obtained with Digital Radiovisiography are extremely detailed and provide sharp contrast graphics, showing all of the data relevant for an in-depth stomatological diagnosis. Currently the Digital Radiovisiography is the safest existing method of taking X-ray teeth images.