Our Team

Medical and Support Staff

In our Dental Clinic we employ specialists in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics. You can take advantage of the children’s dentist

Medical Staff

Dr Bożena Dąbała

  • Specialist Orthodontics

Dr Danuta Chyła-Szalecka

  • Specialist Pedodontics
  • Specialist Dentistry

Dr Agnieszka Motor-Pyda

  • Dentistry and periodontology
    – difficult cases root canal treatment with dental microscope

Dr Magdalena Laskowska

  • Dentistry and periodontology

Dr Monika Furman-Strukowicz

  • Specialist of conservative dentistry with endodontics
    – endodontic treatment using dental microscope
    – cosmetic treatment

Dr Marta Smęt

  • Dentistry

Dr Dominik Kiełbowicz

  • Dental surgery and conservative treatment
    – surgical removal of teeth
    – treatments in general and local anesthesia
    – implants

Dr Piotr Siłuch

  • Specialist Prosthodontics
    – porcelain crowns and bridges
    – prosthetic implant

Dr Marta Bajda

  • Dentistry
  • Dental treatment in childre

Dr Maciej Dąbała

  • Dentistry
  • Reconstructions of teeth
  • Cosmetic treatment

Support Staff:

Aneta Dębna – dental assistant

Agata Korczypa – dental assistant

Anna Kowalczyk – dental assistant

Małgorzata Najman – dental assistant

Justyna Szary – dental assistant

Renata Kowalik – manager of registration

Anna Biernacka Muzyka – Patient Advisor

Julita Kwiatosz – registrar